Rob McLeod: The Problem with Freud

Rob Mcleod - The Problem with Freud

We are pleased to announce our next exhibition 'Rob McLeod - The Problem with Freud', kindly on loan from the Eastern Southland Gallery. 

Opening to the public on the 4th February, 'Rob McLeod - The Problem with Freud' features 12 colourful plywood based paintings which span the time period 1990 – 2012 and feature four interconnecting themes that have run through Rob’s work since the 1980’s; namely breaking free from the rectangle, utilisation of the floor plane, and push into three dimensions and figurative explorations.

Born in Scotland, Rob McLeod was educated at Glasgow School of Art (1965-69).  Of all the subjects he studied it was painting that held his interest, with its immediacy and freedom to change its form and original idea.  Early influences included artists such as countryman Alan Davie, and Americans Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock.  In 1972 he immigrated to New Zealand to take up a teaching position at Wellington High School.  His work is notable for its expressive painterly style and throughout his five-decade career has swung from formal abstraction to semi figurative.  McLeod has exhibited extensively around New Zealand and has work in major public art collections throughout the country.  In 2005 he was runner-up in the prestigious Wallace Art Awards.