Untitled, Undated, Unknown


IPAG is excited to announce our upcoming collection show 'Untitled, Undated, Unknown', opening at 6pm on July 6th. This exhibition explores both the unintended and intended ambiguity inherent within a public art collection. 

The reoccurrence of these three words in IPAG’s records was highlighted by our recent digitisation project. Although not uncommon words to see when looking through our collection, this process allowed us to view our records on masse, rather than in isolation. In doing this, these words began to stand out in their frequency, and the reason for their existence piqued our interest. We wondered if maybe our visitors felt the same when reading these words in our exhibition labels and conceived 'Untitled, Undated, Unknown' as a vehicle to deliver some explanations. 

We hope you will join us to celebrate our fifth collection show at 5 Don Street and check out a number of works that have not been displayed since the closure of Anderson House.