Anderson House

Before the closure of Anderson House due to earthquake risk in 2014, the Invercargill Public Art Gallery (formerly named Anderson Park Art Gallery), was housed within this grand residence. Originally known as Victoria Park, it was once the home to the late Sir Robert and Lady Anderson. They bought the property in 1910, and began building the homestead in January 1924.

Designed by Christchurch architect Cecil Woods, the home is Neo-Georgian in style and is set in 24 hectares of landscaped gardens, lawns and native bush. Built by day labour, it cost approximately £15,000 and was completed in August 1925.

Invercargill Public Art Gallery was established in 1951 when the property was gifted to the city by the Anderson family. The four children abided by the wishes of their father, who wanted the house and grounds to be used as a public park and art gallery upon the passing of him and Lady Elizabeth Anderson. The name was changed to Anderson Park Art Gallery in the 1970's to honour this gifting, before being changed back to the Invercargill Public Art Gallery in 2016.

Although the gallery no longer resides in the house, the park is open to the public and the residence can be enjoyed from the oustide. Anderson Park is situated on McIvor Road off State Highway 6, approximately seven kilometres north of the Invercargill city centre.

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