Adrienne Martyn: Shift

It’s been closed to the public since January 2014, but photographer Adrienne Martyn is giving you a chance to take a glimpse inside Anderson House with her upcoming exhibition:

light, surfaces and art of the move
24th March – 5th May 2018 

Martyn, an accomplished New Zealand photographer, spent a week at Anderson House in 2017. By investigating the atmosphere and light within the house, as well as evoking a sense of its historically important past as an art gallery and a home, she has created two separate bodies of work that collectively make up this twenty four piece exhibition.

The first series, Interiors, showcases Martyn’s initial plan to photograph the gallery rooms of Anderson House, devoid of the objects and art works that people have come to expect within the space.

With a portion of the IPAG collection still onsite, Martyn also seized the opportunity to create a second series of work called Objects. These works feature selected collection items shrouded with calico, both alluding to the dust cloths of an old home whilst documenting the current reality of the house and art collection being in a transitory phase.

The resulting exhibition is a thought provoking collection of work which captures the multiple roles Anderson House has played through the years, as well as this unique time in IPAG’s existence through a fine art lens.

With earthquake strengthening scheduled for the house once the IPAG collection has been fully removed, this is a wonderful opportunity for the people of Invercargill to view the house as it is today, before it changes roles once again.

ADRIENNE MARTYN: SHIFT opens to the public on the 23rd March at 6pm at 5 Don Street, with an artist floor talk commencing at 6.45pm. Unlimited photographic prints from the exhibition are available for purchase throughout the exhibition.

Due to the generosity of the artist, and a recent bequest made to the gallery, IPAG is pleased to announce that this important body of work will become part of our collection at the culmination of the show.